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53 years ago, 100,000 people gathered in San Francisco for the Summer of Love.

Welcome to the Summer of Making.

It’s not an event or program. It’s a theme for the summer, a challenge to every teenager reading this: What will you make?

To support you, we’re distributing $50,000 in free electronics (thanks GitHub!) & building Snapchat streaks for coding—but really Summer of Making is about you. If this will be the best summer ever, it’ll be because of what you choose to hack on & learn from.

Free hardware from GitHub.

GitHub sponsored $50k worth of hardware grants for student makers, alongside support from Adafruit & Arduino. (Applications are now closed.)

Share your daily progress.

As you learn & make projects, share short photo/video updates each day & build a streak. You can even put custom CSS all over your profile & use your domain.

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Finished editing my first video! DM me if you want the link :DD


I sketched what Tesla/Toyota $25k car would look like and made a huge rant about my predictions in #cars


every day, i have to start searching and searching for things to add to my scrapbook. today.. was one of those days. i accomplished pretty much nothing, so I had to search and search for something to post. Then, I remembered that I finally enabled my Notion Pro account this morning, so I guess that is something I did!?? In the long run, I hope this helps with project planning because that is indeed one thing I lack any ability to do big-brain-funny emoji anyways scrappy, here is my daily post!


WOOOT I upgraded the UI on my notebook, along with a bunch of sounds and cool new clean slugs! Check it out at!openg.png


figma ing another website aaaaaa


So close to 200 followers...


After migrating my site to sveltekit i got 100% on lighthouse


Sketched out some ideas for a portfolio redesign and just got started in figma today. Plus worked on some other braindump tasks


Hello, hello hack clubbers. Along with my return to the slack i have a dope ship for you! 🚢 Introducing lr, a simple and fast link shortener. It builds on the ideas of many smart people (thanks @safin.singh @caleb :) and has an extremely small source footprint, clocking in at 770sloc. lr requires pthreads, sockets, a POSIX-1.2008 conforming libc and a C99 compiler. That's about it. It serves your links really fast[1]. To get started just clone the repository and run make run Anyways if you like it give it a star ⭐thanks:) [1] No benchmarks go run your own lol


Made a desktop for my raspberry pi


finally set up a dotfiles repo for my mac! it's a huge improvement over my old linux one (not quite matt-level, but maybe someday)


built a website for someone in my town, used terminal to create a repo and push changes to github, and got it up online w github pages. hoping to get them on hack club bank, too.


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$50k in hardware grants.

Whether it’s your first hardware project or hundredth, you can have GitHub buy you electronics for a hardware project.

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