Make something amazing this summer.

Hack Club Summer of Making brings professional mentorship, $50k of hardware grants, weekly get-togethers, & nonstop making—culminating in an awards show.


Signups open June 18
Ages 13–18, for students anywhere worldwide

Free hardware from GitHub.

GitHub is sponsoring $50k worth of hardware grants for student makers, alongside support from Adafruit & Arduino for gear.

Weekly community get-togethers

In addition to mentoring opportunities, you’ll join a weekly call with fellow Summer Makers in your area (web dev, games, hardware, etc). You’ll show off what you’re making, get help, make friends, & stay motivated.

Built-in project marketing

At the end of the summer, we’ll be working with our partners—Github, Adafruit & Arduino—to share your project with the wider hacker community. Expect live shows, blog posts & social media shares!


You’ll be joining a group of 150-300 students.

You should plan to spend 10+ hours/week on your project.

Don’t worry if a camp or school interferes with the dates, as long as you can still make your project.

Community Slack

Unlimited digital fun on the Hack Club Slack.

We’re trying to make the Hack Club Slack the best place on the internet to be a teenager into technology.

This summer we’ll be having themed weeks to get you making. We’ve also got bi-weekly AMAs with some of most influential people in tech, community-led events & an awards ceremony to conclude the summer.

Join the Slack

By teenagers, for teenagers.

Sam Poder avatar

Sam Poder

Creator, he/him
I love making, that's why I started this program to enable my generation to make awesome things this summer!
I can’t wait to see what you’ll make...
Roshan Palakkal

Roshan Palakkal

Neel Redkar

Neel Redkar


Let’s review.

6 weeks of exclusive project mentorship.

You’ll submit an application with your project idea, be paired with an incredible industry professional, then spend 6 weeks building.

You’ll also get to join weekly get-togethers with like-minded peers & get free project promotion at the end of the summer.

$50k in hardware grants, for all.

Whether or not you join the Mentorship Program, you can apply for hardware grants, sponsored by GitHub, Adafruit, & Arduino.

A summer of community fun, guaranteed.

In the Hack Club Slack, join themed weeks, mini-hackathons, biweekly AMAs with the most interesting people in tech, and an end-of-summer awards show.


Signups open & the program starts in 2 years on June 18th. We can’t wait to start hacking with you!